Thursday, April 26, 2007

Feeling tired...yet creative

It's been MONTHS since I last posted. My kids keep me so busy, I barely have time to reply to my emails. Having a 2-year-old is a lot of work. :)

Well, my doctor has put me on Ambien CR because I can't sleep at night. Two nights of restful sleep...whew! But today I'm still feeling tired. I don't think it's the medicine...I just feel back to myself. I'd get a good night sleep, but still feel so tired in the wanting a nap before noon. So, for the last 2 mornings, I've taken some excedrin to "wake up." I'm sick of feeling like this.

I have this burst of creativity going on, but this tiredness is keeping me from doing anything. Plus, once I get started, it's really hard for me to stop & if I'm interrupted, I'm not very happy. I have to go back to the orthopedic doctor today to get the MRI results from my knee. It's been bothering me for a while & really hurting when I drive. It's so weird. And since I have to leave soon, the creativity will have to wait!

My daughter turned 15 today. WOW....did I just say that?! I have a FIFTEEN year old daughter. Wasn't it just yesterday I was only 25?! LOL. School is almost over, therefore she will be on the "SR High" team next year. I am dumbfounded. Where have all the years gone?! My baby has turned into a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments. She is taking French & 4 AP classes this year. She wants to graduate with Honors!! I don't know what I will do when I'm sitting in the audience watching my daughter graduate high school. It's only three short years away and it will be here and gone before I know it. To my dearest Shelby, I love you sweetie!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

For Tonda

Well, I did it! I found my friend a new puppy! This is Teddy. Short for Teddy Bear! He is a yorkie and he's so precious! I almost kept him for myself. He's Abby's half brother. Brayden got way too attached to him & cried when I was leaving to bring him to Tonda. It was so sad! (He's over it now...we just have to go visit him.) I tied a blue bow around his neck & put him in an Arbonne box. I told the kids to stay in the other room as Shelby & I gave him to her. I told her right off the bat that if she didn't want "it," it was ok. When she opened the box, her face & reaction was priceless. The kids couldn't handle it & came into the kitchen. It was so sweet! I am so thankful for everything she has done for me...even though she'll probably think it's not a lot, it is. She is my mentor. The one I can trust when I need someone to talk to about 'teenage' issues. She's a single mom (with 2 kids) and she's the one I go to for advice. She's just awesome & I don't think she knows how much she means to me! So, Tonda - Thank you for everything...for being there, for listening, for sharing, for caring, for loving us unconditionally, for not judging, but most of all - thanks for being You. I love ya girl!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Flower Pot & Graduation

This is a Flower Pot I made for Shelby's best friend, "Nelly." Her room is brown & turquiose, so I tried to match it as much as possible. The photo in the back is printed turquoise and white (like black and white) and the girls have those little plastic barretts in their I made them both a different color and made them stand out. I love it! It was so much fun putting it together, but a pain in the rear as well b/c I was trying to hurry so I could give it to her the night of their high school open house. I put "Friends Forever" on the base of the pot. The flowers are scrapbook paper - designed by my friend Janna. She's living her dream designing for Junkitz - a scrapbook company. Anyway, I hope you like it.

The weather here is starting to turn "weird." It's cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, cool at's FALL - my favorite season! I can't complain - I love it. Oh, I'm still working on organizing my kitchen!!! This is my 6th day of doing it! I'm soooo ready to get it finished - I'm sick of doing it.

Update: I took Abby to the vet the other day to get her shots - they also had to give her THREE stitches where those idiots cut her (at the grooming place). It cost me $50! I took the bill to them & they said they'd bring a check to me the next day - it's been 4 days since then. They told me that if it ever happens again, they have a charge account at a local vets office for incidents like this --- tell me, what kind of groomer has a charge acct. at a vets office?!?! And why in the world would they ever think I'd bring her back after that?! I have heard horror stories about this place! I heard they killed a dog & that they told the owner it ran off...

My brother graduates from Basic Training October 6. I really want to go, but I can't get the kids situated for me to be able to. He really wants me to be there - and I REALLY want to go! I am so proud of him and this accomplishment. He's had a blast (more fun than he thought, he actually loves it) & we are all so proud of him. He basically went from living on the streets, doing drugs & drinking to becoming a responsible man. (OK, so I can't really give him credit just yet, but it's a start!) He's 27 and it's about time he grew up! He has 5 weeks of AIT after this - they'll leave shortly after graduation for Missouri. Then he'll be home to do his '1 weekend a month, 2 weeks a year.' He got a $20,000 sign on bonus. I think that's what encouraged him to join! (I'm glad cause he owes me $1,000! - haha!) If I get some pictures of graduation, I'll post them. I've been trying for over three hours to post this picture - whats up with blogger?! Here's one of the 2 of us together the night before he left... I was being a nerd, but enjoying myself! :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I love organization, however I'm the most unorganized person I know. (With the exception of my mother and her mother...) I have started in my kitchen "fall" cleaning. I've thrown away 2 garbage bags of trash & I've only cleaned out 4 cabinets. (I have 6 more to go, 6 plus drawers.) It's time - I'm in the mood - and it needs to be done. I watched the season premier of "Super Nanny" this week - with the pirates...good grief - anyway, one of the wives does organizational stuff & her 3 questions were...
1. Do you need it?
2. Do you love it?
3. Will it make you money?
If you can't answer 'yes' to any of these questions, get rid of it! I've even thrown stuff away that I could sell in a yard sale, but who has time! I don't even want to store it until I have time to take it to the salvation will only collect dust & probably never get done. So, away it goes. Can you believe I have 9 casserole dishes? Where did they come from?! Who needs NINE of them?! I'm sending two to my mother in law & one to my mom. I have a few pans I'm giving to my grandmother as well. Who knows what else I might find! I'm anxious to get it done so I can start on my bedroom...including the horrid closet! I'm going to get rid of clothing after clothing! Who knows where it will end up! Probably a 'lot' on ebay, knowing me!
So, my dog got butchered this weekend! I took a picture to the groomer and told them, "This is what I want her to look like. I don't want her shaved..." Well, they shaved her legs, her belly, her booty & her eyes & nose. They did not touch her back, head or neck. PLUS, they CUT her! Her little leg looks like it needs stitches! I'm so pissed. (Excuse the harshness, but I am...) I'm thinking about calling or writing them and getting my money back. Oh, YES, I paid for it!!! I'll post a picture when I can.

Do you have a second grader? Or have you? Is school a little tougher for them this year or what? Brady is an "A" student at all times. He might've brought home 2 or 3 D's all last year & he's brought home 3, I think, so far this year. The teacher said she's having a hard time getting them to listen to her for some's not just him. He's in the top level & she's only there 3 days a week, so who knows. Hopefully it will get better.

Mason got a hold of my orange sharpie marker this morning & colored his left leg...his tile...who knows what I haven't found yet. This is the story of my life. :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

In Memory of Alfie...

I posted a precious picture of Abby with her big brother Alfie last week and Tonda called me yesterday telling me that Alfie had died. He'd been a little sick, but was getting over it. She went home after work to get him so she could bring him with her to pick the kids up from school. Tanner (her son) was so attached to Alfie (all of them were)....I just know he's going to have a really hard time with it. They were the only boys in the family!!! She has a daughter & 3 other GIRL dogs. Please say a little prayer for them. She was devastated when she found him. I called the man we got them from to see if he might have anymore. He has a few that are about to deliver, but he wants an arm and a leg for them! We were very fortunate to get these pups at a great price! As small as Abby is, I could sell her for $2,000. BUT - they have legs that don't work like they should. Instead of them bending at the knee, they are straight. Alfie hopped around like a bunny ... both his back legs were this was so cute! When Abby gets to running fast, she'll pull her right leg up to the side (it's the only one like that). The vets say it's just like a kid being born with a deformality. It's not a big deal. Neither are bothered by it. There's no way to replace little Alfie, but if I could afford to buy her another baby, I would!!! You don't know how bad I wish I could find one right now & bring it to her. She stayed home today. She's probably still asleep. I called & got no answer. They told me at work she was sick. My heart goes out to her.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Meet the newest addition in our family!!! That's Abby (on the left) and her 'big' brother, Alfie. He belongs to one of my dearest friends. Can you believe the difference in size?! She weighs about 2 pounds & he looks 3 times as big, but only in size, not weight. They love playing together! They don't get to that often, but when they do, it's hilarious. It took me forever to get a picture of them both looking at me!

I tried to post yesterday, but I went to highlight my post so I could change the font & the color & dear little Mason came up and hit the keyboard, erasing EVERYTHING I had written. I was so mad. Doesn't blogger have something to fix "UNDO!" They should add it somewhere!

Things are better with Shelby, a little. She apologized to Eric and me Sunday night. She called her dad to see if he could come over because "an apology means more in person." I had to do a double take & wonder where in the world my daughter had gone b/c this was not something she said! Her attitude is a little better, but it has to be b/c she has no "cool" clothes to wear. She has to earn them back, along with everything else in her room!! She has a bed & a dresser & that's it! I didn't go as drastic as the last time - I took her curtains down!!! (I was mad, ok?!)

She likes this junior now. I emailed a friend of mine who's son runs around with this boy & she "highly" recommended him. He's a 4.0 student, attends church, but goes to youth at a different church, wants to be an engineer, wonderful kid with great parents. OK, I'm happy with this one!! I've never met him & have no clue what he looks like. But at least he's a positive influence (in those areas) to my daughter. Honestly, I can't wait to meet him & I can't wait to hear if he likes her! :)

O Lord, may Shelby walk before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and do what is good in your eyes.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank You Jesus!

"It's raining, it's pouring..." Praise God! We need the rain so bad, it's unreal. My mom said they were going to have to split up the kids in her town & send them to the next 2 towns because the rivers & lakes were almost dried up & they have no water. Luckily, she has a well, but ------- YUM...

We survived the first week of high school. OK, so we almost did. Nothing major with school, but we've had quite a ride this weekend. Let's just put it in terms like this - I found some notes written tomy daughter & a note written from my daugther that I wasn't real proud of. Her father was involved, along with both step-parents. But the details need to be left within the family. Nothing is wrong - everything is fine. She's not in trouble, just a 'thing' we took care of. BUT - please continue to pray for her. She is so vulnerable right now. She's one of those kids that don't just need attention, she requires it. This weekend was pure hell. I can't believe I'm dealing with some of the stuff I'm dealing with. I will be meeting with a counselor/psychatrist next week, then we'll schedule an appt. for her. I've even called the local Christian School for information to transfer her. The military school I checked into was in another state - AND $22,000 a year! I'm physically & emotionally exhausted. I take 'diet' pills for the metabolism boost - to stay awake (they don't work for losing weight) & I just can't function right now. I'm seriously about to pass out, but it's almost time for me to leave & go get the kids at school. If I fall asleep, I'm liable not to wake up in time. Also, please pray for me - that God gives me the strength to deal with this & get through it. I will be honest - it's tearing my marriage apart. I don't know what to do or how to deal with to deal with any of it. I just know that God won't put anything in my life that I can't handle - but right now, I'm wondering. I am sick at my stomach, I don't want to eat, I have no energy - and I really have no desire to pick her up at school because it's just easier not to have to put up with her crap. -----OK, so does that make me a horrible mother?!

Well, on that note, I completely forgot that I was going to clean out her room today, so I guess I should go do that so she'll have a "surprise" waiting for her at home.